Balls-R-Us is a specialised ball python breeding business based in Pretoria. We are passionate about Ball Pythons. We breed only the best quality Ball Pythons, hand-picked from genetically superior stock. We take great pride in our rare collection. All Ball Pythons are unique and ours are especially spectacular. If snakes are your passion, then Balls-R-Us is your obvious choice.

Our Pythons are genetic masterpieces and are investment quality. Check out our pythons that are for sale on the Available page or take a look at our magnificent breeders on the Collection page. 


See what these beautiful creatures are all about: Here’s Brian from Animal Bytes TV…

Ball Python Care

Ball Python Insanity

Contact Us

If you would like us to contact you, please leave us a message below. Alternatively you can contact us using our details, on the About page.

Quick contact information:

Aston Francis: 0613974066

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